Jon Stewart Explains Why Fox News Is Now 'Far More Devious' Than Alex Jones

The comedian slammed the conservative network as a "cultural pathogen."

Jon Stewart compared Fox News with InfoWars host Alex Jones — and argued that Jones is a “far less pernicious influence” on America than Rupert Murdoch’s conservative network.

On the latest episode of his podcast “The Problem With Jon Stewart,” the comedian acknowledged Jones’ history of pushing conspiracy theories and defaming the families of Sandy Hook mass shooting victims, but then argued people know what Jones does and who he is.

“As a cultural pathogen, Fox News is far more powerful, far more devious, far more pernicious and has created far more damage than Alex Jones ever will,” Stewart told University of Utah law professor RonNell Andersen Jones.

“And at least Alex Jones gives you supplements to help offset the damage,” Stewart jokingly added, referencing Jones’ hawking of miracle cures and dietary aides.

“Alex Jones is a wolf in wolf’s clothing,” Stewart said during a lengthy discussion about defamation law and the falsehoods knowingly peddled by personalities on Fox. “Fox News is the opposite,” he added.

Watch the interview below. The Jones part starts at the 44-minute mark:

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