Jon Stewart Tears Into Fox News' Hypocrisy Over Campaign Money

Jon Stewart picked apart Fox News Thursday night for making such a fuss around the controversy involving foreign donations given to the Clinton Foundation, despite taking a pro-donation position in the past when it came to challenging Democrats.

Fox News has been grilling Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in recent weeks over donations received from foreign entities by the Clinton Foundation, suggesting that some sort of "bribery" took place. Fox News host Megyn Kelly speculated on if the former U.S. Secretary of State now "owe[s] favors" as a result of the money.

Stewart then asked if his audience would like to see a brief montage, "a hypocritical acceptance of domestic campaign money" by network news hosts. The audience roared with applause.

What followed was a string of videos showing news hosts supporting domestic campaign donations and calling any attempt to block them a violation of free speech. Stewart targeted Fox News' Kelly, in particular, who has criticized Democrats on air for attempting to "amend the Constitution" and restrict corporate spending in elections.

"It's basically an attempt to limit the first amendment," Kelly has previously said.

"I guess the rule here is money is free speech, unless that money speaks with a funny accent," Stewart concluded.