Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News, CNN Feud In Libya (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News, CNN Feud In Libya

Jon Stewart debuted a new segment on "The Daily Show" Wednesday night, in light of the recent spat between Fox News and CNN reporters in Libya, aptly dubbed "When Reporters Attack."

Nancy Grace's fight with a scientist over whether or not radiation in Japan would reach the U.S. also made the new segment. But Grace's "refusing to take science for an answer" was just a warm up for the main event: the feud between Fox News's Steve Harrigan and CNN's Nic Robertson (with a brief interruption by John Oliver in a wizard costume).

The fight started when Fox News insinuated that Robertson and other journalists were used as "human shields" by Libyans by going on a tour of Muammar Gaddafi's compound that had been the site of a missile attack. Fox also made a point of reporting that their own Steve Harrigan wouldn't be going to the site, but later said Harrigan had actually sent "a security guard with a camera" in his place so as not to lose coverage.

"[He] was so concerned that journalists would be used as human shields, he made security guard 'Joey Expendable' go. 'Hey Joey! You know how you always said you wanted to be a real, live reporter? Well how about just a reporter?'"

Nic Robertson fired back at Harrigan personally, to Stewart's delight. Watch the full clip to see Stewart break down their back-and-forth in something he calls "reporter snaps."


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