Jon Stewart: Fox News Doesn't Know What A Conscience Is

Fox News has managed to transform Bowe Bergdahl from a prisoner of war to a traitor and a Taliban sympathizer, with one contributor going so far as to call him "a kind of modern-day Lee Harvey Oswald."

On Monday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart observed that "in just a few days, this guy Bowe Bergdahl went from 'guy who left base without permission' to 'Muslim-terrorist-Kennedy-assassin.'"

Stewart then played clips of Fox personalities attacking both Bergdahl and his father, Bob Bergdahl.

"At one point, his father told him just before he went missing, he said, 'obey your conscience,' which kinda sounds to some as if, 'yeah, whatever you want to do, go ahead,'" Steve Doocy, co-host of "Fox and Friends" said.

"It sounds that way to some -- y'know, specifically people who don't know what a conscience is," Stewart shot back. "If someone says listen to your conscience, they're not saying 'do whatever you want.' Your conscience is the opposite of the thing that tells you to do whatever you want to do. Your id is the thing that enables your darkest impulses. Think of it as the Fox News of your brain."

That remark prompted an unforgettable visit from Stewart's own conscience, which you can see in the clip above.

Then, watch the clip below as Stewart continues to eviscerate Fox News for making a POW and his dad seem like a pair of terrorists.