Jon Stewart Rips Fox News' Hypocrisy: Norway Terrorist Not Christian But Fort Hood Terrorist Muslim? (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart put aside the debt ceiling debate to focus on the recent terrorist attacks in Norway, or at least how Fox News responded to them. Once again Stewart found an opportunity to point out hypocrisy on the network, once again coming from the mouth of Bill O'Reilly.

Several Fox News pundits including Laura Ingrahm and O'Reilly have accused the mainstream media of "Playing up the Christian angle" when reporting bomber Anders Behring Breivik's profile and attacks. Ingrahm rejected the idea that he represents any Christian sect, fringe or otherwise. While Stewart agreed Breivik's actions were not Christian, he couldn't believe how misdirected the focus was on the story:

"Yes, the massacre in Norway is a tragic story... About the persecution of Christians."

Stewart continued to point out exactly why the media is discussing Breivik's self-declared Christianity, and reassured Ingrahm they're "not doing it to get at you." Perhaps Breivik's 1,500 page manifesto and Powerpoint video paying tribute to Christian crusaders is what gave people the idea that he was a religious extremist. Just maybe.

But the biggest hypocrisy Stewart uncovered came from Bill O'reilly's double standard when discussing religious terrorists. While he insists Breivik is not a Christian ("What, because he says he is? come on!"), he has no problem saying the Fort Hood gunman is Islamic. His defense? Nidal Hasan carried a business card that said he was a solider of Allah. Stewart had to throw up his hands:

"See the difference? That guy printed up 'Soldier of Allah' business cards! The other guy only printed up an Army of Christ manifesto."