Jon Stewart Trumpets False Fox News Statements Fact-Checked By Politifact (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stewart Lists Dozens Of Fox News Lies

Since Jon Stewart appeared on Fox News Sunday last weekend, "The Daily Show" has devoted two segments to skewering the network's biases. On Monday night Stewart cried foul on Fox News' edit of his interview, and on Tuesday night's show he settled the score by listing dozens of false statements made by Fox News, as reported by Politifact.

Before he could do any skewering, however, Stewart first had to apologize to Politifact for a false statement HE made during his Chris Wallace interview. Stewart had inaccurately called Fox News viewers, "The most consistently misinformed media viewers," but the fact-checking group reports that not every poll lists them as such (Stewart blames his ignorance on watching too much Fox News, naturally).

After that was out of the way, Stewart immediately turned the tables on Fox and went on to list dozens of false statements made by the network. Lies about Obama's healthcare plan and his connection to ACORN, fear mongering about "death panels" and the war on Christmas and talk of a "government takeover" were some of the more familiar subjects.

"Fox news is like a lying dynasty," Stewart said. "They're like the New England Patriots of lying!"

Watch the full segment below to see the lies literally pile up around Stewart as he rattles them off. And if you're wondering if Fox has ever corrected any of these errors, according to Stewart the answer is no:

"They've got a lot of f**cking correcting to do," he said. (Scroll to the bottom for highlights from Stewart's Fox News Sunday appearance.)

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