Jon Stewart Shoots Down Fox News' 'Tyranny' Hysteria Over Obama Gun Control Executive Orders (VIDEO)

It didn't take long for conservative pundits and gun advocates to cry "tyranny" after Obama made his proposals on gun control, but what kind of tyrant asks his legislative body to do something? Generally, tyrants are, as Jon Stewart explained on Thursday night's "Daily Show," a little more "tyrannical."

Putting it another way, Stewart explained, "That ain't S'Hitler."

Earlier this week, the host hammered the NRA over its influence in preventing the enforcement of existing gun laws. This time around he took on the more general hysteria of the far right, which seems to characterize the president as an out-of-control king every time he does something the least bit presidential. Those executive orders he signed? Straight out of Stalin's playbook.

Watch the clip above and tell us if this looks like tyranny to you.



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