Jon Stewart Plays 'Let's Get Rid Of Ted Cruz'

Jon Stewart spent much of Tuesday night's "Daily Show" going after GOP presidential candidates that he believes couldn't possibly win the nomination, including Carly Fiorina, Ben Carlson and Mike Huckabee. But he devoted an entire segment of the program to one candidate in particular that he says needs to get the boot now.

"There are so many hopefuls in the Republican race, we've got to start narrowing the field," Stewart said. "Let's do it with a game I call 'Let's Get Rid of Ted Cruz!'"

Cruz, Stewart said, can't even live up to his own standards.

Stewart played a clip of the Texas senator railing against President Barack Obama's fundraising efforts. Yet Cruz skipped town for a fundraiser himself, missing a vote on the confirmation of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who he had vowed to vote against.

Cruz claimed Obama has inflamed racial tensions and used divisive tactics, but was unable to offer specific examples. Cruz also has a history of making divisive comments, like when he accused those who support marriage equality of waging a "jihad."

“So you want a president who can bring people together who understands that, if you’re pro-marriage equality, you are the same as ISIS," Stewart said. "Got it.”

Check out his full takedown of Ted Cruz in the clip above.

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