Jon Stewart Gets All Earnest On Us! Obama Race Speech "Spoke To Americans As Though They Were Adults"

Jon Stewart and the Daily Show gang have had easier targets of mockery than Barack Obama delivering one of the most warmly received speeches of the campaign (if not that most warmly received speech — though it's duking it out with Barack Obama after winning the Iowa primary and Barack Obama after winning the South Carolina primary). Still, they gave it their best shot, even including a "Whatchoo talkin' bout, Obama?" and imagining how crazy it is over the holidays with all of Obama's many multi-ethnic and "many-hued" smörgåsbord of relatives running around. Yeah, I said smörgåsbord.

The clip also showed the difficulty in joking about "black anger"; a joke involving locking the car didn't quite hit (in our estimation), and the response to a KKK sight gag can onloy be described as "clapter." Still, it all fell away at the end when Stewart revealed how he really felt about the speech when he let the arch, eyebrow-cocked exterior fall for a moment and quietly marveled at the fact that "at 11:00 on a Tuesday, a prominent politician spoke to Americans about race, as though they were adults." Was it Jon Stewart funny or Tina Fey funny? Watch it below and decide for yourself:

Related: The NYO's Steve Kornacki was one of the three pundits warning darkly of how Wright's comments would play in Peorio...and specifically Ohio and Missouri: "This is going to scare the white voters in Ohio. This is going to scare the white voters in Missouri." Kornacki explains why he was taken completely out of context — flattered though he was to have been montaged with Karl Rove. The best part is what Kornacki recounts about venting about it to his friend: "I told someone this morning this my version of what happened, and she laughed and said, 'Now you know how the reverend feels.'" Excellent moral.