Jon Stewart Rescues Goats That Wandered Onto NYC Subway Tracks

Comedy is easy. Saving animals is hard.

Jon Stewart perhaps hasn’t gotten this kind of billing since he hosted “The Daily Show.”

New York City’s transit authority called the comedian the “GOAT” after he helped rescue two wayward goats who wandered onto subway tracks in Brooklyn Monday morning.

Stewart teamed with the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York, to provide the two animals a home after their two-hour escapade on a public transportation rail.

Check out Stewart helping to corral the beasts, reportedly named Willy and Billy, into a transport vehicle. 

The goats were spotted wandering the outdoor tracks along the N line, prompting some lighthearted barnyard humor.

Animal Care and Control eventually tranquilized the two ― the cue for the animal-loving Stewart, who in 2016 saved a runaway bull from the slaughterhouse, and the Farm Sanctuary to take center stage and get their deserved G.O.A.T. props.

The New York Times reported that Stewart and his wife, Tracey, who opened a Farm Sanctuary branch on their New Jersey farm, accompanied the animals for part of the way to Watkins Glen.

Enjoy your new home, Willy and Billy. And don’t forget it was comedy that saved you.



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