Jon Stewart: GOP Candidates' Sane Ideas, Knowledge Could Ruin Their Campaigns (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart was taken aback during the latest GOP debate when Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum & Jon Huntsman seemed to display a few sane ideas. With foreign policy the subject of the debate, many of the candidates eschewed a more nuanced approach to diplomacy and war for the sort of "kick ass, take names" rhetoric that rouses audiences.

Before getting into the main subject, however, Stewart began the segment by addressing the sheer number of GOP debates thus far:

How do you know if you've had too many debates? Here's a clue: Saturday night's 3,000th Republican debate was an hour and a half, but CBS only aired one hour of it so that they could still bring you, the viewer, a fresh NCIS rerun.

He then went on to take a few jabs at the candidates by enumerating the questions that might be answered during the broadcast: "Would Rick Perry finally think of that third thing... Has Mitt Romney's study of humans paid off?"

But getting into the meat of it, Stewart pointed out that the overall Republican take on foreign policy seems to be to give the rest of the world the finger. Yet Bachmann -- or "crazy-gays-are-satan lady" as Stewart dubbed her -- took the host aback with her call for a nuanced understanding of Pakistan and hesitation in pulling all financial aid from the region. Santorum followed suit by suggesting, "You don't cowboy this one..."

This rare glimpse of sanity and knowledge led Stewart to bring on Aasif Mandvi to discuss how a mastery of the issues can be devastating to a presidential campaign. Check out the first part above, and then Mandvi's deconstruction of a winning GOP strategy below.