Jon Stewart Rips GOP's Hypocritical 'Class Warfare' With Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

"The Daily Show" kicked things off this week with a look at Saturday's umpteenth GOP presidential debate in New Hampshire (as well as the ensuing debate 12 hours later) and how the rest of the candidates have been treating frontrunner Mitt Romney ahead of today's primary.

While there has been much infighting among the six remaining candidates, Jon Stewart realized Monday night that there's one thing they pretty much can all agree on: "Class warfare" against the rich -- excuse me, job creators -- is wrong, unless we're talking about Mitt Romney.

Amidst talk of lower taxes, deregulation and unlimited corporate campaign funding, the candidates, especially Newt Gingrich, have gone against those views to criticize Romney's wealth. Gingrich himself said Romney should give back the sums he gained by laying people off, which sounds specifically like a liberal-minded redistribution of wealth to Stewart.

"Welcome, comrade!" Stewart joked.

So what exactly instigated this hypocritical behavior? Gingrich's biggest complaint is that Romney's attack ads -- funded by his unlimited PAC money -- are not fair. But a quick reel showing the rest of the GOP candidates' economic views proves that not only is what Romney's doing "fair" by their standards, but that he's really the "pure distillation of Republican economic policy" and the very picture of Gingrich's platforms.

"You're mad at Mitt Romney? For God sakes, it's like Mitt Romney answered the Republicans' eHarmony ad and now you're saying it's unfair, that it's not what you meant," Stewart said.

To finish his point, Stewart whipped out his spot-on Woody Allen impression (which is a must-see). Watch the full segment above.

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