Jon Stewart Rips GOP's Obama Fear-Mongering: 'Y'all Have Lost Your Damn Minds' (VIDEO)

While the four remaining GOP presidential candidates debated once again in Arizona Wednesday night, Jon Stewart took a look at how Republican fear-mongering about Barack Obama in 2008 stacks up to what they're now saying will happen if he gets re-elected in 2012.

As "The Daily Show" proved nightly in 2008, the GOP's use of demonizing, "Socialist Islamic Dictator" rhetoric when discussing then-candidate Obama implied that he was all that stood between America and catastrophe. Now that his first term is almost over, how did all those scary premonitions pan out?

To those who said Obama was a Socialist, Stewart admitted that he did in fact redistribute billions of taxpayer dollars -- but to the banks. Remember when Rep. Steve King said al Qaeda would be "dancing in the streets" if Obama was elected in 2008? Stewart noted that if you replace "dancing" with the dodging of drone missiles, he might have been right.

Or how about when John McCain said gun rights would be at risk "without a doubt" if Obama were elected? Stewart wondered how Obama passing legislation to allow concealed weapons to be carried in parks and on Amtrak trains limits those rights.

"It appears Barack Obama has failed to keep many of the campaign promises that his opponents made for him," Stewart joked.

In part two below, Stewart took at look at what the current GOP candidates have been predicting about Obama's second term, leading him to say, "Y'all have lost your damn minds."

WATCH: Part two

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