Jon Stewart Rips GOP For 'Pitting Americans Against Americans' With 'Take Our Country Back' Rhetoric (VIDEO)

Conservative rhetoric is by no means a new subject on "The Daily Show," but on Tuesday night's episode, Jon Stewart began the show with a lengthy segment on just that -- and what it means in the wake of Occupy Wall Street.

You'd think the GOP's "Take it to the streets," "Ready for battle" expressions would coincide with what's going on in cities across America right now, but the party is primarily opposed to the populist uprising. Specifically, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, whose sentiments on class warfare caught Stewart's attention most of all. Cantor had previously said that Americans need to "Take this country back" but now, after a month of Occupy Wall Street protests, fears class warfare and is accusing the movement of pitting Americans against Americans. Stewart saw a hole in his logic right away:

"If Republicans don't condone pitting Americans against Americans, well then, who is that we americans should be 'taking this country back' from?"

Of course, Stewart was ready with a slew of clips to back up his argument, showing just who conservatives think America's enemies really are. The list goes on and on, including (but not limited to) liberals, federal employees, activist judges, global warming advocates, the entertainment media, "Tenured professors who can flunk you if you're conservative," according to Newt Gingrich, and "gay people who are living together."

There are so many that Stewart had to put it all into a Venn diagram, and in the process, might have just figured out who Mitt Romney really is.

Watch the full segment above (or click here to watch on "The Daily Show" website) to hear the rest of Stewart's analysis, including how hard it must be for the GOP to "Love America so much, but hate almost three-quarters of the people in it."