Jon Stewart Shows Just How Bad The U.S. Government Really Is

It was a banner week for U.S. government screw-ups, with three different agencies getting busted for major embarrassments.

In the clip above, Jon Stewart looked at how 1 percent of IRS workers owed back taxes, which as CBS reporter Nancy Cordes pointed out, was much lower than the 8 percent of Americans who were in arrears.

"Yes, but it's also quite high when you take into account that it's the IRS," Stewart said on "The Daily Show" Wednesday night. "It's like saying that only 1 percent of the workers at the Centers for Disease Control are spreading disease. Most of them are not opening vials of smallpox on crowded subways at all."

Watch Stewart take down the IRS in the clip above. Just be sure to make time for the video below, as well, because the IRS scandal is nothing compared to what he found at Social Security and the Department of Veterans Affairs.