Jon Stewart: Obama's 'Dream Of Closing Guantanamo Is Dead' (VIDEO)

Wednesday night's "Daily Show" dealt with one of President Barack Obama's failed promises: the guarantee that Guantanamo Bay would close one year from his first day in office.

While Obama initially said we no longer had to make the "false choice between our safety and our ideals," he recently reversed his decision to close the prison. Military trials are resuming at Guantanamo and Obama even said that some detainees may have to be "held indefinitely".

"I always thought the point of evidence was that if you didn't have enough, you're not allowed to keep them in prison. It's one of the many differences we have in this country between prisons and zoos."

Stewart claimed Obama's "dream of closing Guantanamo is dead" and followed up with the only logical thing he could do: pour out some organic, fair-trade raspberry vinaigrette for his liberal homies.