Jon Stewart Shreds Gun Control Legislation: Senate Arms Treaty Vote Proves We're 'Our Own Worst Enemies' (VIDEO)

While the media was heralding the bipartisan "breakthrough" on gun legislation, Jon Stewart was crying foul. The bipartisan proposal on background checks is just that, a proposal, one that still has to pass the House and Senate.

But more importantly, in March the Senate approved an amendment to its budget bill that would prohibit the U.S. from signing the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, aimed at keeping weapons out of the hands of drug dealers and organized crime. The treaty was overwhelmingly approved last week; the only nations voting against it were North Korea, Iran and Syria.

So when the Senate's amendment prevents the U.S. from signing the treaty, according to Stewart, we will "have literally become one of our own worst enemies."

Watch the clip above and let us know if you think the U.S. is really making any progress on reasonable gun control legislation.



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