Jon Stewart Hammers Lindsey Graham For Hypocrisy In The Sotomayor Hearings (VIDEO)

In one of his funniest segments of the year, Jon Stewart took the Senate Judiciary Committee to task last night for their odd behaviors and hypocritical questioning of Sonia Sotomayor. Stewart focused mostly on Senator Lindsey Graham, the man who told Judge Sotomayor "unless you have a complete meltdown, you are going to get confirmed" a mere four days ago, and has since become her biggest antagonist.

Graham asked Sotomayor to answer for anonymous accusations by lawyers who had appeared before her, claiming she was temperamental and angry. In response, Stewart read anonymous comments about Lindsey Graham from the Internet that included people calling the senator the "ass of the year," a "sad sack of shit," and a "racist idiot douchebag." Jon also pointed out that Lindsey is featured on the site men who look like old lesbians. "Well, Senator Graham, someone apparently believes you look like an old lesbian. Do you??? And may I remind you you're under oath," he shouted in an odd accent.

Finally, Stewart juxtaposed Graham's questioning of Samuel Alito to his current behavior, showing the senator bending backwards to ensure the good name of a man nominated by a Republican president.


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