Jon Stewart Calls Out Harry Reid For 'Bullsh*t Shot' Against Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

A statement from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a recent Huffington Post article had Jon Stewart riled up on Wednesday night's "Daily Show."

In the interview, Reid suggested that Romney isn't sharing his tax returns with the public because he didn't pay his taxes for ten years. He immediately followed up that already-scandalous comment by stating that he "isn't certain" whether or not he's right and then adding that the late George Romney must be "so embarrassed" of his son.

“As someone who has truly and thoroughly disappointed his still-living father on many occasions, let me just say, that is a bullshit shot," Stewart said.

It's not that the 'Daily Show' host is against poking fun at the presidential hopeful -- he did it himself earlier in the same episode -- it's that he wishes the senator's attacks were a little more fact-based. And, you know, he wasn't evoking the name of anyone's dead father in order to make a point.

Check out the full clip above, and keep your ears peeled for The Huffington Post shout-out as "the sideboob gazette"!



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