That Sh*t Was Jedi! Stewart Encouraged By Health Care Progress (VIDEO)

Expecting the health care summit to be a spectacle and political theater, Jon Stewart (who described himself as "bipartisan-curious') was surprised last night to find that the discussion more closely resembled "the most boring seder [he's] ever seen." But that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

After mocking Republicans for showing up for a discussion yet clamoring for scrapping the bill, Stewart began to change his tune when noticing signs of progress. Sending him into a giddy celebration: an agreement between Tom "killing abortion doctors might not be such a terrible idea" Coburn and Charles "If I was any more liberal and Jewish I'd have tits and be Barbara Streisand" Schumer.

Stewart's excitement couldn't even be subdued by minority whip Eric Cantor, who still seemed intent on killing the bill and limiting government. Why? Because Obama stepped it up and put him in his place. Said Stewart: "You see how fast Obama took him down? That sh-t was Jedi!"

In the end, Stewart was encouraged by the progress and not even the skepticism from other media outlets (who "suck") could bring him down.