Jon Stewart Mocks Herman Cain's Goodbye Speech, Pokemon Quote (VIDEO)


From his dramatically delayed entrance to his quoting from the Pokemon movie, Herman Cain's Saturday announcement that he'll be "suspending" his political campaign was entertaining from start to finish.

Although Cain's suporters mildly booed as the former pizza mogul and undisputed funniest non-candidate of the 2012 election announced that he won't be continuing his run for President, Jon Stewart was the really upset one.

On his Monday night show, he showed just how sad he and his writers really are, then took a look at the speech's highlights. The best, of course, was Cain's use of a song from the Pokemon movie to explain his feelings.

"That's right. Herman Cain's farewell address -- words of wisdom to this followers and supporters -- the final moments of his campaign, are from the closing credits of the Pokemon movie," Stewart joked. "The thing they play to get you the f*ck out of the theater!"

Watch the full clip below (or here) to hear Stewart's suggestions for other lines from the movie that Cain might have wanted to go with, and how now-frontrunner Newt Gingrich is benefitting from Cain dropping out.

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