Jon Stewart To Herman Cain After Libya Gaffe: 'I Love You' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart To Herman Cain: 'I Love You'

Jon Stewart could barely contain himself on Tuesday's "Daily Show" while talking about Herman Cain's Libya gaffe. After showing numerous clips of the media response to the awkward interview, Stewart opined, "There is no way what I'm about to show people will live up in any way to the hyperbolic glee that we are all displaying."

But once the host rolled the clip, it was all over. Putting the bizarreness of the flub in recognizable terms, Stewart explained with glee, "Holy sh*t! It's like he's trying to download the answer, but it's just that little ball is spinning, he's just buffering."

As more of the clip rolled and Cain began to seem more and more like a grade school student attempting to recall the answer he had memorized, Stewart proclaimed directly to the presidential hopeful, "I'm falling in love with you."

While the race for the GOP presidential nomination has had its fair share of fumblings and meltdowns, Cain's inability to display a grasp of the situation in Libya, much less an opinion on Obama's handling of it, has caused speculation that this will be the final straw for the former frontrunner's struggling campaign.

The gaffe has become such big news, in fact, that it has all but eclipsed Cain's ongoing sexual harassment scandal. To that end, Stewart turned to correspondent Jason Jones who explained that the Cain camp is now trying to refocus people back on the harassment issue, which is less embarrassing. Check out Stewart's clip above and then take a look at Jones' report below.

What do you think? Is this the end of Herman Cain's candidacy? Is this gaffe more damning to his campaign than the alleged harassment?


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