Jon Stewart: Hillary Clinton's 'Wrong-Email-Address-Ghazi' Won't Hurt Presidential Hopes

Sure, Hillary Clinton using a personal email address might violate State Department regulations and shield her correspondence from the public eye. But the networks have already covered that, so pundits are starting to ask random questions like, "Will this hurt her presidential hopes?"

Jon Stewart poked fun at everyone involved in what he thinks is a lame scandal.

"How [would it hurt]?" he asked on Wednesday. "You think maybe Wrong-Email-Address-Ghazi would be a big boost to her Democratic primary rival, TBD?"


"Future President Hillary Clinton may have to pardon former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton," he said. "It seems like less of a scandal and more of like a nerd snap like, 'She’s so old, she doesn’t have an official email account.'"

See who else Stewart jabbed in the clip above.