Jon Stewart Hits Back At Bill O'Reilly For Defending Nazi Rhetoric On Fox News (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Hits Back At Bill O'Reilly

For the third time in about a week, Jon Stewart has dedicated a "Daily Show" segment to dealing with angry, Nazi-related rhetoric used in media and politics. But what seems to bother him more than nonsensical Hitler comparisons is Fox News pundits' inability to see their own Nazi references as inappropriate.

After Stewart called out Steve Cohen's use of a Goebbels reference to describe GOP behavior, Megyn Kelly of Fox News said there is no Nazi rhetoric used on Fox News. But Stewart proved with a slew of clips that Fox was being hypocritical.

In one of those clips, Bill O'Reilly made a mind-boggling comparison between HuffPost and Hitler. Seeing it on "The Daily Show" didn't sit well with the Fox News host, who said on his next show that the clip was edited in a way took it out of context. Stewart responded:

Why you used the Nazi reference doesn't really matter in this. The segment is for Megyn Kelly to take offense to, not you. It's not all about you, Bill!"

The point of the segment was to show that contrary to what Kelly said, Nazi references run amok on Fox News. But since O'Reilly seemed so eager to provide context with his baseless claim, Stewart obliged him. The content that O'Reilly found suitable to compare to the work of Nazis? It turned out to be a nasty comment someone wrote on a post about Nancy Reagan that violated our commenting policy but slipped by our comment moderators.

"That was a horrible thing for someone to write," Stewart said. "...But being a heartless douche isn't exactly the same as being a Nazi propagandist."

Like he does best, Stewart pointed out that Fox News' website also has some offensive comments, and produced a particularly bad one regarding Michelle Obama's backside. But Stewart's point wasn't that commenters are mean, it was that Fox News does use Nazi rhetoric, and with this rebuttal O'Reilly was basically saying, "Yeah, but I had a good reason."

Watch the rest of the clip to hear Stewart's impeccable speeding analogy that should really put the entire Nazi name-calling debate to bed.


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