Jon Stewart: Immigration Reform's Path To Citizenship A 'Barrier That Immigrants Will Not Be Able To Get Past' (VIDEO)

'You've Finally Built A Barrier That Immigrants Will Not Be Able To Get Past'

After some brief, heartfelt words on the tragedy in Boston, Jon Stewart moved onto his top story on Tuesday, the exciting news that the Senate's immigration plan will include a path to citizenship... a really long, winding, dark, nearly unending path to citizenship.

Among the many steps potential workers/citizens will have to complete is a thorough background check. But, as Jon explained, that one isn't a problem. "It's easy to get around background checks. All you gotta do is tell immigration you're a gun."

But from the forms and fees to the 10-year wait to the e-tracking system that will probably never exist, Jon surmised that the Senate has finally, at long last, "built a barrier that immigrants will not be able to get past."

Watch part one above and part two where Al Madrigal analyzes Senate Republicans real motives below:

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