Jon Stewart Offers Some Hilarious Explanations For India's Elections

If there's one place to go to learn about India and its elections, it's probably not "The Daily Show."

But Jon Stewart and "the best damn news team in America" took a crack at it anyway, going inside the vote in the world's largest democracy on Thursday night's show.

First, in the clip above, Stewart explains a little about India, where the bread "appears to need sauce and cheese" and the Congress Party's leader, Rahul Gandhi, is "in no way related to the only Gandhi you were thinking of."

Next, Jason Jones does everything he can do avoid going to India because, as he puts it: "I'd rather avoid dysentery and 120-degree weather."

"I know why you guys know so much about us because we're the best, but why don't we know anything about you?" Jones asked Consul General Dnyaneshwar Mulay in New York.

Turns out, Jones can't figure it out from here... so he has to make the trip anyway. It's "India Jones and the Election of Doom," and you can see the hilarious results of his journey in the clip below.