Jon Stewart: Iraq Withdrawal Giving Republicans 'Empty Nest Syndrome' (VIDEO)

Last Friday President Obama announced the U.S. will be withdrawing from Iraq by the end of the year. So, you can imagine what Jon Stewart's biggest segment was about on his Monday night return to "The Daily Show."

Turning his "Mess O'Potamia" segment to the more appropriately named "End O'Potamia," Stewart rejoiced at the notion that we will be out of Iraq by 2012. What he didn't understand was how Republicans such as MItt Romney and Michele Bachmann could criticize the President's announcement. Not just because it's a good thing, but because it was former President George W. Bush who set the benchmark for withdrawal with the Iraqi people years ago. Why doesn't the GOP acknowledge this? Well, as Stewart points out, you probably don't remember that speech for that specific reason.

After showing some clips of Bachmann contradicting herself with her simultaneous opposition to an Iraq withdrawal and getting rid of Gaddafi, Stewart moved on to the biggest offenders in his eyes: Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Their complaints that Obama did not end the war "well" prompted Stewart to give them a new nickname: Statler and Waldorf.

So what's with all the GOPers complaining about troops actually coming home? Didn't the President just take us from three wars to one? Watch the full segment above (Or click here to watch on "The Daily Show" website) to hear Stewart wonder, "Are America's hawks having 'Empty nest' syndrome?"