Jon Stewart Knows How To Beat ISIS: Send More Millennials

The biggest threat to ISIS may not be drones and missiles from Western nations. As Jon Stewart learned on Thursday night's "Daily Show," it might be millennials from Western nations who were recruited to join the jihad.

"Millennials. That's right. Millennials have been Trojan-horsed into the War on Terror," Stewart said. "Wait until these brutal fundamentalists of ISIS get a taste of the entitlement generation."

Disaffected youths have fled their Western homelands to join the cause, only to quit in disappointment. Some don't want to do the drudgery of cooking and cleaning in terror camps, some have complained about the lack of healthcare and one even quit because his iPod stopped working.

"It's not witnessing the brutality firsthand that's putting a wedge between them and jihad," Stewart said. "It's that they can't listen to Taylor Swift's new album."

Check out the full clip, above.



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