Jon Stewart Attended Johan Santana No-Hitter, Celebrated Mets History With Family (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart Attended First Ever Mets No-Hitter

It's no secret that Jon Stewart is an avid Mets fan. He has thrown out the first pitch. He has displayed his passion for the team plenty of times, along with talking about how painful rooting for the Mets can be.

But not this time. Not after Johan Santana's no-hitter, the first no-no in Mets history.

Stewart opened the "The Daily Show" on Monday night by revealing that he actually attended Santana's gem.

"Some of you know this but for the past 50 years or so I have been a fan of New York Metropolitan's baseball organization, and for that entire 50 years the Mets and I have had one thing in common. Neither of us had ever thrown a no-hitter," he said. "Well that all changed on Friday night. I was there.. because I'm a cotton candy vendor."

He then showed the video footage that he shot of Santana's final pitch as well as of his own family celebrating in the stands.

"It was incredible to be there. To me the best part was to be able to share it with my family," Stewart continued. "I have suffered much over these Mets in my life, which is why these moments of joy that occur sporadically are even more appreciated. This Mets team is a fun team, they're a scrappy team, they play the game right, these 2012 Mets. So I give you for anybody who wonders at home what the face of a true Mets fan at the end of the first no-hitter of the New York Mets existence looked like.."

Then he presented the footage of what he called his "O-Face."

Now we must wait and see what new Mets minority share holder Bill Maher's face of pure Mets joy looks like.

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