Jon Stewart & John Hodgman Discuss 'Communist' Muppets, Rich People In Film (VIDEO)


Out of all the scandals that have come up during this holiday season, the one that Jon Stewart deems "the stupidest" is none other than Fox Business' Eric Bolling saying that the new Muppets movie is liberal propaganda. Luckily, he had John Hodgman to help him make sense of the ridiculous claim on Wednesday night's "Daily Show."

As the show's resident deranged millionaire, Hodgman represented the interests of "moneyed" Americans who are not happy with how they're being portrayed in the film. According to Hodgman, Tex Richman, the oil baron who threatens the Muppets, is just one of Hollywood's many demonizing depictions of wealthy people.

So, it only makes sense that Hodgman correct Hollywood's "anti-wealth bias" by rewriting classics like "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Avatar" (or, "Profitar" to Hodgman). Watch him do just that in the video above.

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