Jon Stewart Surprises John Oliver With An Emotional Goodbye On His Last Episode Of 'The Daily Show'

Jon Stewart's Emotional Goodbye To John Oliver

Thursday's "Daily Show" opened with what appeared to be a segment on British tabloids spying on the Royals, but it was all a clever ruse, setting up John Oliver for an emotional send-off on his last night as the show's Senior British Correspondent.

Oliver is leaving "The Daily Show" to host his own weekly series on HBO, but after seven years, Stewart couldn't let him go without taking a look back at some of the highlights.

The charade apparently worked, because Oliver was clearly caught off guard:

After rolling ridiculous footage of the various "characters" Oliver brought to the show as well as a montage of some of his more dignified moments, the final segment brought the long-time correspondent to tears. Jon Stewart did a slightly better job of holding the emotion back at first...

But that didn't last...

But, ever the professional, Stewart knew exactly what to do to lighten the mood:

One last Carlos Danger dance for the road, Johnny.

Watch the full clip above, then dry your eyes with a Carlos Danger dance of your own.

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