Jon Stewart, Jon Oliver Compare Casey Anthony Trial To 'News Of The World' Scandals (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'The Daily Show' Compares Casey Anthony, 'News Of The World'

"The Daily Show" returned from a one-week hiatus Monday night, and Jon Stewart became a tad overwhelmed with all he'd missed. The Casey Anthony verdict, the debt ceiling deadline and our endless deployment had Stewart visibly frustrated, enough so that he forwent his typical solo middle segment and got some help from Jon Oliver.

Oliver, Senior British Correspondent, dropped in like Mary Poppins, lost his consonants and made Stewart feel better by putting his troubles in perspective. If Stewart thought the U.S. had problems, wait until he heard about Oliver's motherland, the UK. Stewart doubted him, but Oliver sarcastically assured:

"Yeah, what would England know about a dying empire with rotting institutions?"

In the segment below, Oliver procedes to detail all of the atrocious "News Of The World" scandals and its subsequent shutdown, all the while reminding, "Do you know how hard it is to disgrace a British tabloid, Jon?"

At one point Stewart attempts a rebuttal, saying that America has it worse because our legitimate media outlets are the ones acting unethically, such as ABC News' funding of the Casey Anthony trial. Oliver nearly sends Stewart to the hospital with his retort: a list of grievances against the British tabloids including the hacking of the phones of missing girls, dead soldiers and 9/11 victims, and evidence that they paid off police. Even the prime minister is involved!

Needless to say, Stewart doesn't think the U.S. has it so bad anymore.


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