Jon Stewart Slams Kansas, Alabama On Gay Rights: 'There's No Place Like Homophobia'

A day after announcing his impending retirement from “The Daily Show,” it was business as usual for Jon Stewart on Wednesday as he railed against Kansas and Alabama for recent controversies related to gay rights in the two states.

After addressing the social media meltdown triggered by his retirement announcement (“Did I die?” he asked), Stewart launched right into a discussion about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s recent decision to rescind employee protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

“As you know, our country has been making very positive strides in LGBT equality, but don’t worry, Kansas is trying to fix that,” Stewart said, referring to governor’s decision. “I guess Brownback clicked his heels and three times and said, ‘There’s no place like homophobia.’”

Stewart also slammed Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s recent order stopping local probate judges from performing same-sex marriages -- in spite of a federal judge’s ruling in January that the state’s ban on marriage equality was unconstitutional.

Some probate judges have said they would not follow the federal court’s decision because of their Christian beliefs. But, as Stewart noted, this line of thought is -- legally -- problematic.



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