Jon Stewart: Kansas Is America's 'Welfare Queen'

Stewart: Kansas Is America's 'Welfare Queen'

Kansas has passed two controversial new laws, one that gives more freedom to gun owners while another that places restrictions on how people who receive government benefits can spend that money.

But as Stewart pointed out, Kansas receives $1.29 from the federal government for every dollar residents pay in federal taxes, yet it's still closing schools, cutting funding to museums and and canceling much-needed highway repairs due to lack of funding.

So on Thursday night's "Daily Show," Stewart offered a solution: Put restrictions on how Kansas can spend its federal money -- the same kinds of "petty, unnecessary and insulting" restrictions Kansas places on its residents who receive government benefits.

"Maybe they'll motivate you to escape your culture of federal dependency," Stewart said. "But until then, let's see how you like being treated like the welfare queens you are."

Check out the clip above for some of the restrictions Stewart would place on Kansas.

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