Jon Stewart Reveals Why Kyrie Irving's Antisemitism Is The Most Shocking

The comedian wryly addressed the controversy around the Brooklyn Nets star, Kanye West and Dave Chappelle.

Jon Stewart appointed himself “spokes-Jew” on “The Late Show” Tuesday, sarcastically owning antisemitic conspiracy theories. (Watch the video below.)

He apologized for Jews controlling the world with a simple “sorry” and confessed to being on the Jewish committee that fixes oil prices and bagel flavors.

“It is my sincere hope that in my lifetime I get to see a Christian president,” the comedian said. “I think America’s ready for it. ... Jews have controlled it for too long. It would be our honor to allow you one four-year term.”

Stewart and host Stephen Colbert discussed incendiary tweets by Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, and Dave Chappelle’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue, which was condemned by the Anti-Defamation League for “normalizing” antisemitism.

But what really upset Stewart was NBA star Kyrie Irving promoting a movie deemed antisemitic. (Irving was suspended for a seventh game Tuesday ― a blowout loss for the Nets in Sacramento.)

“The Kyrie thing surprised me a bit,” Stewart said. “You don’t expect to get it from someone named Irving. I really thought he was one of ours.”

Stewart delved more seriously into antisemitism ― and censorship ― later:

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