Jon Stewart & Larry Wilmore Take On The 'Obama Downgrade' (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart teamed up with Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore to talk about what some people are referring to as the "Obama downgrade."

Despite a large portion of the deficit having been accrued during the Bush administration, conservative pundits are saying historians will blame our recent credit rating downgrade on President Obama. For Larry Wilmore, who always has something funny to say about the President, this is a big disappointment:

"America finally gets its first black president and our credit goes bad," he lamented.

Wilmore and Stewart have a great back-and-forth in this segment over how Obama's race affects how he's portrayed in the media (remember last week's "Hip Hop BBQ incident?") and Wilmore points out that despite the negative stereotypes, "it's time to go blacker."

Watch the full clip below to hear Wilmore's ways the President can avoid having China come for their money for a few more years. That is, if Stewart doesn't snitch.