Jon Stewart Mocks Lawrence O'Donnell's Angry Interview With A Chair (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart had some fun mocking Lawrence O'Donnell on his show Tuesday night after the MSNBC host angrily interviewed a chair.

O'Donnell was supposed to interview George Zimmerman's lawyer, Craig Sooner, during his Monday MSNBC show. Sooner reportedly fled from the studio moments before air, leaving O'Donnell with an empty chair and a lot of rage. O'Donnell was so angry that he called Sooner a coward and said that he left because he was too scared to face O'Donnell's tough questions.

After expressing his outrage and criticizing Sooner, O'Donnell asked the empty chair his long list of questions. Stewart replayed the clip and yelled, "He is grilling the chair!" In response to one of O'Donnell's questions, Stewart said, "No the chair doesn't have medical records to show you, it's a chair!" He later added, "Note to self, do not go to Ikea with Lawrence O'Donnell."

Stewart also said that as a New York City resident, he sees many people occasionally yelling at chairs. "None of them have TV shows," he said.

After hearing O'Donnell yell at the chair, Stewart said he started to feel bad for the piece of furniture. "Tonight, we have the chair's lawyer who was with him during the interview," Stewart said, highlighting the fan that was placed behind the chair. Stewart proceeded to interview "Lasko Floor Fan, Esq."

Stewart laughed as he asked the fan some questions. He shared that his show actually had two ideas on how to mock O'Donnell's chair interview. The other idea was that Zimmerman's lawyer was there, but just tiny so O'Donnell couldn't see him.



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