See Jon Stewart's Priceless Impression Of Lindsey Graham Scaring Himself

Jon Stewart broke out his Lindsey Graham impression again -- and this might've been his best one yet.

The Republican senator from South Carolina issued a dire warning about ISIS on Sunday, saying "this president needs to rise to the occasion before we all get killed back here at home."

"Really?" Stewart asked. "All of us?"

That led to a series of clips of Graham warning about everything from Saddam Hussein to crime in New Orleans.

"The poor man lives his entire life trapped in the 'Blair Witch Project,'" Stewart said. "For God's sakes, I've seen chihuahuas in handbags who are less fretful and shaking."

Stewart then turned to Senior National Security Correspondent Samantha Bee, who was supposedly standing outside Graham's office -- but as the two spoke, the voice of "Lindsey Graham" scaring himself witless could be heard from behind the door.

Check out the clip above to listen in.



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