Unearthed 90s Comedy Sketch Features Young Jon Stewart, Louis C.K. And More (VIDEO)

The early 1990s were such a magical time for comedy. "Full House" and "ALF" dominated TV, "Kindergarten Cop" had audiences roaring, and Carrot Top was the voice of a generation. But meanwhile, in the back rooms of dark comedy clubs, the visionaries we know today were cutting their teeth and just trying to make it.

The Comic's Comic dug up some old clips from Caroline's comedy club from this time period, including this gem, where future "Weekend Update" host Colin Quinn pretends to consult with his "writers" about a routine. You might recognize them: Jon Stewart, Louis CK, Dave Attell, and "Curb Your Enthusiasm"'s Susie Essman meekly act as bit players in this sketch. They had no idea what was to come.