Jon Stewart Takes On New York's Soda Ban And Marijuana Penalty Reduction (VIDEO)

Last week, Jon Stewart was distressed by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed soda law, which would prohibit businesses from selling drinks over 16 ounces in size. And this week, Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a new bill that would reduce the penalty for people caught in possession of amounts of marijuana 25 grams and under. Meaning that, if both these things pass, you could get in more trouble for selling someone a 17 ounce soft drink than you would for possessing 24 grams of marijuana.

Granted, both fines are in the $100-$200 area, so it's not like people would be locked up for distributing large Dr. Peppers, but a $200 soda fine standing next to a $100 marijuana fine puzzled Stewart on Thursday night's "Daily Show."

"Just to be clear, this soda is twice as illegal as this much weed," he joked, holding up two plastic cups filled with the substances. "And you know, here's the sad thing: they go together so well!"

But for any New Yorkers out there worried about how to keep track of these newly decriminalized drugs and criminalized snacks, don't sweat it. Stewart has come up with an easy, Weight Watchers-esque point system called "Smack and Snack" to help you stay in line.

Watch the full clip above.

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