Jon Stewart Slams Michele Bachmann's Huma Abedin Muslim Brotherhood Accusation (VIDEO)

Stewart: Bachmann Is 'Exploding With Stupidity'

Rep. Michele Bachmann found her way back into the limelight this week after launching an inquiry as to whether or not Hillary Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The only problem: based on the evidence Bachmann is bringing forward, there are about six degrees of separation between Abedin and anything suspect. And they're big degrees.

Sen. John McCain and Anderson Cooper among others have outwardly challenged Bachmann's claims, but on Thursday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart wanted to test her logic.

"This is Bachmann we're talking about, I know it's been thought out very reasonably," he joked.

But nothing about Abedin and her life choices seemed to suggest to Stewart that she would be anything but a law-abiding citizen:

Oh my god, it's the perfect cover! An America-hating, Muslim extremist gets a high-profile, stringent background-check job with a former First Lady, marries a pro-Israel Jewish guy and begins producing Muslim-Zionist terror baby armies. Has 9/11 taught us nothing, people?

So he fought Bachmann's conspiracy theory with one of his own. And while it took Bachmann several degrees of separation to piece together a tie between Abedin and the Brotherhood, it seems that her own ties are a lot closer than she may realize.

Watch the full clip above.

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