Jon Stewart Rips Michigan GOP For Vagina Controversy, Banning Woman Speakers (VIDEO)


Last Thursday, Republicans banned two Michigan lawmakers from speaking on the State House floor because of a "temper tantrum" they'd thrown the day before. Their offense? Using the word vagina in a debate about abortion.

The controversy is mostly attributed to Rep. Lisa Brown, who ended her address to her colleagues with, “I’m flattered you’re all so concerned about my vagina, but no means no.”

On Monday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart called the remark "a pretty decent vagina zinger," but he couldn't quite understand all of the controversy.

What are they worried about? Vaginas aren't like Voldemort or Beetlejuice. Invoking the name 'vagina' doesn't make them suddenly appear. Believe me, if it did, high school would have been very different for me.

Since the ban, Brown has found ways to peacefully protest her colleagues, but she still remains unclear on what her exact offense was.

"I'd love to know what I said that was offensive," Brown told The Huffington Post. "It was an anti-choice bill regarding abortion, which obviously involves a vagina, so, you know, I don't know what word I'm supposed to use otherwise."

Watch the full clip above.

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