Jon Stewart: Mitt Romney Is 'His Own Mistress' (VIDEO)

As Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain was fighting off allegations of a 13-year affair this week, fellow candidate Mitt Romney found himself defending his own past actions. On Thursday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart picked up on this coincidence and declared Romney "his own mistress" in an analogy that probably makes way more sense than it should.

It wasn't entirely obvious that Past-Romney is Now-Romney's "mistress" until he sat down with Fox News' Brett Baier Tuesday in a rare one-on-one interview that was not only tense but brought out some very defensive talk from Romney.

Aside from saying that he "just finished" reading President Bush's "Decision Points" (the same book he said he "just finished" six months ago), Romney came off as less than genuine when he spoke about the more liberal policies he had when running for Governor of Massachusetts. After playing the clip followed by one of Cain denying the alleged affair with Ginger White, it became clear how similar they've both been acting.

"Just like Herman Cain, Mitt Romney has an embarrassing person in his past that he's desperately trying to hide," Stewart said. "For Herman Cain, it's a woman named Ginger White -- for Mitt Romney, it's Mitt Romney!"

Watch the full clip above (or here) to hear Stewart's full explanation of how Romney has become "his own mistress."

We just hope no sex tapes were made during that affair...