Jon Stewart Rips Mitt Romney's Southern Pandering (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Rips Mitt Romney's Southern Pandering

As GOP candidates head to Alabama and Mississippi for Tuesday's Republican primaries, Jon Stewart took a closer look at frontrunner Mitt Romney's campaign strategy during Monday night's "Daily Show."

It turns out that Romney's plan consists of little more than using Southern slang and talking about regional breakfast food. Stewart showed a glimpse of his campaigning in Alabama, in which Romney greeted supporters by saying, "Mornin' y'all! Good to be with ya. I got started right this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grits, I'll tell ya. Delicious."

Stewart questioned Romney's strategy, saying:

"You're a guy that looks like you just stepped off the Monopoly board. You really think you're going to appeal to Southerners by finding reference with them on the issues that matter most to them: their accent and choosing the right breakfast starch?"

Stewart also criticized Romney's disingenuous attempts at trying to relate to Alabamians ahead of the primary, showing a video of the former Massachusetts governor sharing the stage with Randy Owen, lead singer of the popular country rock band Alabama. "Wouldn't you just love to hear him sing 'Sweet Home Alabama'? Wouldn't that be wonderful?" Romney asked the crowd, unaware that "Sweet Home Alabama" is by Lynyrd Skynyrd, not Alabama. Owen graciously obliged anyway, coming up on stage to sing the song, but as Stewart noted, "Everything Mitt Romney knows about the South he learned from a Jeff Foxworthy routine."

Stewart then treated the audience to a Foxworthy impression, fake moustache and all, and some "You Might Be A Romney" jokes:

"If you have a car on your front lawn because your garage only holds five cars...If you go to the diner and order your eggs Fabergé...If you think 'Cloverfield' was a movie about your butler, you might be a Romney!"

Watch the full clip above to see Stewart lay into Romney about his Southern campaign strategy and his pandering to voters.

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