Jon Stewart: Mitt Romney's Superficiality Is The Key To His Strategy (VIDEO)

On Thursday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart picked up his Indecision 2012 coverage once again with a thorough look at Mitt Romney's ever-changing positions, as well as the miraculous fact that he maintains a steady 23% support in the polls -- the same amount as he did at this time in 2010.

So how does a candidate flip-flop on everything from abortion to unions and maintain steady support? According to Stewart, "His superficiality is the key to his strategy."

See, Stewart might be on to something here. He thinks Romney has simply surveyed the field of candidates and come to the rational conclusion that 23% ought to be enough "To beat any of these yahoos." A few clips of Herman Cain's eccentric talk show appearances drives this point home. Sure, Cain's risen from 8% support to 30% in recent weeks, but can he maintain it like Romney?

With that, Stewart offered a bit of advice for the Mormon candidate:

"Romney doesn't have to really say anything. His strategy in the debates should be, 'Yeah, I'm here, but I cede my time!"

Watch the full segment above (or on The Daily Show website) and hear how Romney's biggest competitors, Rick Perry and Herman Cain, belong on a Just For Men box and "American Idol," respectively.