Jon Stewart Joyously Mocks Bill O'Reilly's Fear That Kids Are Smoking Weed And Texting

'What The Hell Just Happened?!'

It's hard for Bill O'Reilly to surprise us with his old-fashioned ways, but this time, he has truly outdone himself. On Tuesday's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart seemed to take particular delight in dismantling his frenemy O'Reilly's take on Colorado's new marijuana legalization laws.

After O'Reilly referred to smoking weed as "literally Russian roulette," Stewart could not help but note the irony in the discrepancy between marijuana laws and gun control statutes. "The only difference between a bong hit and pointing a loaded gun at your own skull," Stewart said, "Is that the gun can kill you instantly and must never be criminalized or restricted in any way ever."

But as if O'Reilly's hyperbole about the dangers of marijuana was not enough, the Fox News pundit went a step further by arguing that the real problem is American kids smoking weed and texting.

"What the hell just happened?!" Stewart exclaimed, trying to wrap his head around the fact that evidently, O'Reilly is a closet textophobe. It didn't get any better when O'Reilly cited Chinese children as the kind of non-texting model that American kids should be admiring. "You could keep kids from texting so much by restricting the size of their family," Stewart pointed out.

But the real kicker came when Carl Hart, a Columbia University professor, came on the show to offer analysis. When Hart seemed puzzled why O'Reilly was panicking about this "texting addiction," Stewart was hardly surprised.

"Wait, a smart black guy with dreads disagrees with me? Get me a bald white idiot!" Cue Dr. Keith Ablow, the Fox News in-house psychiatry expert with shaky credentials who happily confirmed O'Reilly's thesis.

When Hart spoke for the audience by saying he was speechless, Stewart took it a step further with his own commentary: "I guess I could say, you're a f*cking idiot?"

Check out the full clip above.

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