Jon Stewart Mocks Donald Trump, Inaccurate Straw Polls (VIDEO)

"The Daily Show" returned from a hiatus Monday night, and Jon Stewart wasted no time catching up on "America's favorite styrofoam-haired landlord" Donald Trump.

Recent polls have shown Trump to be leading in the GOP's favor for a 2012 Presidential run, much to the surprise of sane people everywhere. His eccentric TV appearances have only heightened his ridiculous persona, wherein he's been explaining his "Birther" suspicions and disdain for popular actors.

So why are people taking him seriously all of a sudden? Jon Stewart insisted it was due to a vicious cycle: He's on TV a lot because his poll numbers are high because he's on TV a lot.

"They have to put Donald Trump on every show spewing the craziest sh*t he can think of, because Donald's poll numbers are high," Stewart said. "Mostly because they keep putting him on television to spew the craziest sh*t he can think of."

On top of Trump's media blitz, Stewart took issue with the inaccurate straw polls leading us to believe Trump is actually newsworthy in the first place. And to prove that the only consistant theme of early polls "is that they're consistently wrong," Stewart showed reports of poll results from 18 months prior to previous elections that were mere "premature ecalculations."

Watch the full clip below to see all that Stewart digs up, including Joe Lieberman supposedly winning the election in 2004.