Jon Stewart Mocks Muammar Gaddafi's Style, Ruthlessness & For Blaming Osama Bin Laden (VIDEO)

Thursday night's "Daily Show" took a departure from the biggest domestic news story of the week, Wisconsin, and moved on to the continuing unrest in Libya over longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi's failure to leave office.

Stewart had a lot of fun with his coverage of the 42-year controller of Libya, coming up with even more look-alikes than we or Slate could name. He referred to Gaddafi as everything from "Lionel Richie after a quick peek the Ark of the Covenant" to Larry from "The Three Stooges" to "if Jim Henson made a Muppet out of Prince," and more.

Gaddafi's bizarre umbrella speech, translator that sounds way too much like Christopher Walken and ruthless ways were all fair game for "The Daily Show" staff to mock, but of course it didn't stop there. Finally, Stewart got to Gaddafi's most offensive acts, such as his hiring mercenaries from African countries to fight back against his own people:

"Hiring outsourced African mercenaries to kill his own people? Where do you even find people who will do that job,"

But the thing that shocked Stewart the most, was Gaddafi's claims that the protesters are being controlled by Osama bin Laden. Could the unrest in Libya really be a fight between African mercenaries and al Qaeda?

"This might be a good time for the United States to slowly back out of the room," Stewart said. "Because that is some "Alien vs. Predator' sh*t."