Jon Stewart Mocks President Obama's 'Storm Out' Of Debt Ceiling Meeting (VIDEO)

Time is running out for President Obama and Congress to come to an agreement about raising the debt ceiling before August 2. As tense budget talks continue down to the wire, things are getting heated -- specifically at a Wednesday press conference. On Thursday night Jon Stewart was ready to call out Obama's negotiation tactics as well as the media for saying he lost his cool.

Several outlets reported that Obama had "stormed out" of the room at the end of Wednesday's meeting after telling Eric Cantor not to "call his bluff." It sounds dramatic, but the fact that Obama had time to say "See you guys tomorrow" makes Stewart think he wasn't being as tough as it sounds:

"That's not storming out. That's ending a meeting by scheduling the next meeting. And I've gotta say, if that's Obama mad, that's weak."

Check out the rest of the segment below to hear Stewart explain why Obama got his Poker analogy wrong, why Eric Cantor's name makes it hard to sound serious while yelling at him and why Obama should be more like The Hulk.


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