Jon Stewart Rips Obama's Russian Hot Mic Gaffe, But Mostly President Dmitry Medvedev (VIDEO)

President Obama was the latest victim of a hot mic this week at a nuclear summit in South Korea, but it was the person he was talking to, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, that gave Jon Stewart the most fodder for comedy.

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Stewart addressed the overheard conversation in which Obama told Medvedev that he'll have "more flexibility," referring to discussions of missile defense, after his election.

"Mr. President... We can hear you capitulating with the Russians," Stewart joked in a stage whisper.

It was President Medvedev's overheard reply to the President ("I will transmit this information to Vladimir") made Stewart laugh the most. After playing the soundbite more than a few times, Stewart concluded, "This is the type of sentence that should only be spoken into a shoe phone."

Considering that Medvedev meant, roughly, "I will tell Putin what you just said," Stewart wondered if everything just sounds more sinister "with some Russian sauce" on it. Are syntax and vernacular the only reason our countries haven't gotten along? It might sound crazy, but once you hear Stewart's examples you might just agree. Watch the video above.